June 28, 2022
YouTube hides dislike counts to protect content creators
YouTube is making some changes to its platform in an effort to protect creators by hiding dislike counts on videos. On Wednesday, the video-sharing service began rolling out a new feature that keeps the counts private and only viewable to the person who uploaded the video. The actual dislike button, however, will remain and viewers…

YouTube has made some changes to its platform to help creators. YouTube will now hide dislike counts from videos.

YouTube began rolling out a new feature on Wednesday that hides the count and makes it visible only to the person who uploaded it. The actual dislike button will still be available and viewers can still choose to dislike a video in order to personalize their recommendations. The YouTube experiment to test whether the dislike button would help content creators to protect them from harassment and “dislike assaults” where viewers deliberately dislike a video in order to increase the count, prompted the update feature.

Researchers from YouTube found that viewers are less likely to click on a video’s dislike buttons to increase the count, a press releases states.

” In short, our experiment data revealed a decrease in hate attacking behavior. The release states that we also heard directly from small creators and newcomers that they feel unfairly attacked by this behavior. Our experiment proved that it does happen on smaller channels.

YouTube’s creator liaison Matt Koval stated in a video that the company hopes to make it less stressful for creators by hiding the count. I’ve always believed that viewing the dislikes of a video helps us, viewers, determine if it is a good tutorial, whether it’s well-made, and if we agree with what the creator says. YouTube research teams have discovered that there is another reason to dislike a video. “You may not have experienced it as a creator, but I haven’t,” Koval stated.

“Apparently, groups of users are targeting a video’s dislike button to drive up the count. It could be transformed into a game with visible scoreboard. It’s often because they don’t like the creators or what they stand up for. YouTube’s half-way mission is to empower everyone. “

Creators can see their dislike count in YouTube Stuido.

Minyvonne Burke is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

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