June 27, 2022
Wisconsin preschooler found dead after mother was shot to death
Major Harris, the 3-year-old boy missing after his mother was killed in Milwaukee last week, has been found dead, police said Thursday."My heart and my condolences are out to the family," Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman told reporters, adding that the investigation was "ongoing and very fluid."Major's body was found at North 35th Street and…

Major Harris was the 3-year-old boy missing after his mom was killed in Milwaukee last Thursday. Police said that he was found dead on Thursday.

” My heart and condolences go out to the family,” Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said to reporters. He also stated that the investigation was ongoing and fluid. Norman stated that “

Major was found dead at North 35th Street, and West Rohr Avenue. At a news conference, more details were not made public.

His mom, Mallery Muenzenberger 25,, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in her backyard on October. 14 Police said.

Last Sunday, Jaheem, 20,, was found dead in the backyard of a house. Police said that officers heard two shots from the house and entered to find Clark dead.

Police stated this week that they believe Muenzenberger was acquainted with Clark, but didn’t know how long.

Muenzenberger lived in Onalaska, which is around 175 miles from Milwaukee on the other side of Wisconsin. According to police, investigators believe that she and her son arrived in Milwaukee on Oct. 9, according to reports.

Police inspector Paul Formolo stated Tuesday that the boy’s mother was not known to police at first.

An Amber alert was issued for Major Saturday after police realized he was missing. Norman, the chief of police, stated Thursday.

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

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