June 28, 2022
Two former Zuckerberg employees sue companies that manage the CEO’s family office. They allege harassment and discrimination
Two people who used to work for the household of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have filed a pair of lawsuits against the billionaire couple and their numerous family-related corporate entities.The cases claim that the family companies are responsible for sexual harassment and discrimination by company employees. Both suits name Chan…

Two individuals who worked for Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan were once part of the Facebook CEO . The cases allege that family companies are responsible in sexual harassment and discrimination of employees. Chan and Zuckerberg are named as defendants in both suits, which allege failure to pay wages among other claims.

The plaintiffs are Mia King, and an unnamed individual referred to simply as John Doe. Facebook is not involved in these lawsuits.

The lawsuits, which were filed last month in San Francisco County Superior Court, were first reported Tuesday by Insider, which has reported on the allegations over the last two years.

Ben LaBolt was a spokesperson for Chan-Zuckerberg’s family. He stated in an email that separate multi-week investigations had concluded that the allegations were not substantiated. He stated that the family office takes workplace misconduct complaints very seriously and investigates them promptly. “

” Any complaint to our HR personnel will be taken seriously and investigated. “We are proud to be associated with the family office team and we are certain that any claims made by those attempting to unfairly discredit our colleagues will fail. “

LaBolt declined further questions.

Court files describe King as a Black woman who was a member of the LGBTQ community and worked as a “Security Operation Assistant”. She worked from May 2018 through February 2019 for Limitless Specialty Services LLC, which provides security services for the Zuckerberg family.

Similarly, Doe, an openly gay man, worked as the “Household Operations Manager” for the family from January 2017 through March 2019.

In her 29-page complaint, King said she was subjected to numerous degrading remarks, including being called “ghetto,” a “c—” and “b—-,” in addition to inappropriate remarks about her breasts. She also claimed that a female colleague said to her that men were in leadership here and that they are in power. King claimed that this meant that she was complicit in such comments. She claimed she was forced to work overtime and not paid properly.

Doe said in his 35-page complaint that he was in charge of “overseeing and managing various properties for the Zuckerberg family.” He alleged that the position resulted in his working more than 40 hours per week and more than eight hours per day, “for which he was never compensated,” and that numerous times he was “forced to work seventeen-hour days to prepare a property prior to the Zuckerbergs’ arrival” and was not paid overtime.

Doe claimed that he has epilepsy and was made to do tasks that could have exacerbated or posed a risk, like climbing ladders or lifting heavy objects. Doe also claimed that he was subject to sexual harassment and anti-gay slurs.

” Our clients look forward to proving the allegations and seeking justice before a court of law,” stated Colleen Mullen (King and Doe’s lawyer).

Neither Zuckerberg nor any of the other named defendants have formally responded in court to the allegations in the cases. There have not been any hearings.

Cyrus Farivar is a reporter on the tech investigations unit of NBC News in San Francisco.

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