June 27, 2022
Trump sues Jan.6 committee, National Archives to stop handover of documents
WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump has sued to block any handover of documents sought from the National Archives by the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot.The suit names both the committee and the National Archives as defendants. It says the committee's subpoena is invalid because the committee has no power of investigation. And…

WASHINGTON – Former President Donald Trump sued to prevent any handover documents requested from the National Archives by Congressmen investigating Jan. 6 riot.

The suit names both the committee and the National Archives as defendants. The suit claims that the subpoena issued by the committee is invalid due to the fact that the committee lacks the power to investigate. It also states that executive privilege should protect the material.

The House Committee requested documents from the National Archives in March and August that were related to Trump’s actions prior, during, and after Jan. 6th riot at U.S. Capitol. This was when Trump supporters attacked the building in an attempt to block his electoral defeat. Trump informed the National Archives that Trump had formally claimed executive privilege.

President Joe Biden, however, concluded that the privilege should not apply. Dana Remus, White House counsel, stated that the documents “shed light” on January 6, 2008, at the White House. This information will be used by the Select Committee to help it understand the facts. “

Trump sued to describe the waiver by the Biden administration as “a narrow, political maneuver intended to keep the support of its political enemies.” “

The lawsuit claimed that the request for documents by the committee was too broad. It described it as “almost unlimited in scope” with many aspects “with no reasonable relationship to the events of the day.” As in many Trump lawsuits, it argued that Congress is only able to obtain information for the purpose of legislating and has no general investigation power.

The lawsuit was filed by an Alexandria, Virginia, lawyer, Jesse Binnall, who is representing Trump in four civil lawsuits filed over the Jan. 6 riot. Sidney Powell, a Texas lawyer, represented Michael Flynn (the former national security advisor). He also represented Trump in a failed lawsuit to reverse Biden’s win in Nevada.

Pete Williams

Pete Williams is an NBC News correspondent who covers the Justice Department and the Supreme Court, based in Washington.

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