LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles officials won’t prosecute rapper T.I. or his wife Tiny over 2005 sexual assault allegations because the statute of limitations in the case has expired, documents show.

The statute of limitations in such cases is 10 years, and the decision to decline the case was based on that timeline, according to documents from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Earlier this year, the woman reported to Los Angeles police that while with friends in 2005, she met the couple and believed they sexually assaulted her, a document from the DA states. Her attorney stated that she was raped and drugged.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, and his wife Tiny, Tameka Harris, have denied any allegations of misconduct.

“Mr. Shawn Holley, Shawn Holley’s attorney, stated that Mrs. Harris and Mr. Harris were pleased but not surprised by the decision of the district attorney to dismiss these meritless allegations. “We are grateful for the DA’s thorough review of the case. We can now move on and appreciate being able to put this matter behind us. “

The woman who accused has not been identified publicly. According to her attorney, Tiny gave her a drink and then she attacked her sexually.

” The decision of the L.A. district attorney does not exonerate Tiny Harris or Clifford Harris for the acts that involved Jane Doe being raped and drugged, Tyrone A. Blackburn, the woman’s lawyer, stated Thursday.

“It only magnifies the need to abolish the statute of limitations in sex crimes,” said he.

Twelve women have accused T.I. Tiny and Tiny were accused of sexual assault and misconduct. Some of the allegations related to suspected drugging. Lisa Bloom from Los Angeles and Blackburn, who are their attorneys, said .

T.I. Tiny and Blackburn have not been charged for any crime. Steve Sadow, another attorney representing them, stated in March that they “continued to deny in strongest terms these groundless, unjustified allegations.” “

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County DA stated that the office did not have any further comment.

In February, MTV Entertainment announced that it would suspend production of “T.I.” on VH1. & Tiny’s Family Hustle: Friends & Family” was suspended by MTV Entertainment in February due to these allegations.

Diana Dasrath

Diana Dasrath is entertainment producer and senior reporter for NBC News covering all platforms.

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.