October 4, 2022
Supreme Court to Hear a Challenge to EPA Power Plant Rules
The Supreme Court announced Friday it would hear a challenge from a group of red states, led by West Virginia, against Environmental Protection Agency rules aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.  The 19 states and energy companies say the EPA cannot set limits on carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act without…

The Supreme Court announced that it will hear a challenge by a group red states led by West Virginia against Environmental Protection Agency rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power stations.

The 19 states, and energy companies claim that the EPA can’t set carbon emission limits under the Clean Air Act without Congress’ authorization. They also claim that this would violate the Constitution’s separation of powers. Republicans argue that the rules will increase energy costs and reduce jobs.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against these states, giving the EPA authority to establish standards for power plants and factories.

” This is a huge victory for West Virginia as well as our country,” stated Patrick Morrisey, state attorney general. “We are very grateful to the Supreme Court for hearing our case. This shows that a substantial portion of the court recognizes the severity of the case and shares our concerns about the D.C. Circuit gave EPA too much authority .”

At least four justices voted in favor of reviewing the ruling of the lower court.

West Virginia was represented by: Alabama, Alaskan Arkansas, Georgia and Indiana.

A decision in the case will be made by June.

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