June 27, 2022
Stars shocked by “mismanaged” set in fatal prop-gun shooting
LOS ANGELES (AP) — As questions linger about safety protocols on the movie set where Alec Baldwin killed a cinematographer with a prop gun he’d been told was safe, Hollywood professionals say they’re baffled by the circumstances and production crews have quickly stepped up safety measures. Jeffrey Wright, who has worked on projects including the…

LOS-ANGELES (AP), — Questions remain about safety protocols at the movie set where Alec Baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer using a prop gun he ‘ had been told was safe. Hollywood professionals claim they are baffled by these circumstances and that the production crews have stepped up safety precautions.

Jeffrey Wright ,, who worked on many projects such as the James Bond franchise, was on set with “Westworld” shooting news on Thursday at a New Mexico ranch. “We were all quite shocked. It informed everything we did from that point on,” he stated in an interview Sunday at Newport Beach Film Festival.

“I can’t remember ever being given a weapon that wasn’t cleared in front me — that is, chamber open, barrel showed to me, light flashed within the barrel to ensure that it’s clear,” Wright stated. “Clearly that was a badly managed set .”

The shooting on the set of the film “Rust” killed 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza, who was standing behind her.

According to court records, the gun Baldwin was one of three that an “armorer,” a firearms specialist or “armorer” had placed on a cart outside the building, where a scene was being practiced. According to court documents, Assistant director Dave Halls pulled a gun from a cart and gave it to Baldwin . This indicated that the weapon was safe. According to records, it was loaded with live ammunition.

Baldwin, 63, who is known for his roles in “30 Rock” and “The Hunt for Red October” and his impression of former President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” has described the killing as a “tragic accident.”

“The Umbrella Academy” actor Justin Min was also present at the Newport festival and said that “it’s a very somber moment” on set while he was filming the indie thriller “Detained .”

” After that — We have clearly been cautious, but it’s just an additional level of precaution,” Min stated.

A prop maker and licensed photographer who worked with Halls (the assistant director) on another production stated that she had raised safety concerns in the past.

Maggie Goll stated in a statement she had filed an internal complaint to Hulu’s executive producers of “Into the Dark” in 2019 regarding concerns over Halls’ conduct on set. Goll stated in a telephone interview that Halls ignored safety protocols for weapons, pyrotechnics, and tried to continue filming even though the supervising technician lost consciousness.

Halls did not return phone calls or email messages seeking comment. Multiple emails to Rust Movie Productions have not been answered.

The fatal shooting and other experiences point to bigger safety issues that must be addressed, Goll stated. He also said that crew member safety is a top concern in ongoing contract negotiations between a union representing film and TV workers, and a major producer’s group.

” This situation is not about Dave Halls. She said that it was not the fault of Dave Halls. “It’s about safety on set and the goals we have with that culture .”


A vigil was held for Hutchins on Sunday in Southern California. There were tears of joy and a lot of shouting outs for increased safety standards.

Rosanna Arquette, an actor in Hollywood, called for an end to the use of real weapons.

” I hope this awakens people. Because there shouldn’t be any live around anything in a movie. She said, “We have enough CGI. It’s absurd.” “All of us in the industry are shaken to the core about this .”

Actor Ray Liotta affirmed the view of Wright , that firearms are subject to extensive checks.

” They always check it so that you can see,” Liotta stated. “They give it the person they’re pointing at, then they turn it over to the producer. They show everyone .”

that it doesn’t work.

Baldwin, who is a producer on “Rust,” met with Hutchins’ husband and 9-year-old son Saturday at a hotel in Santa Fe where the actor had been staying during filming. In a photo published in the New York Post, Baldwin is seen with Hutchins’ wife.


Flaccus was reported from Portland, Oregon. Michelle Eaton, Newport Beach, California contributed to this report.

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