Justice Sonia Sotomayor declined the mandate to prevent a vaccination for New York City school employees on Friday.

A group of four employees challenged the requirement. It will take effect Friday afternoon.

Under the rule, teachers must show proof of at least one COVID-19 shot. The mandate does not allow for regular testing, but only one COVID-19 shot. This is part of the argument of the challengers. They argue that the mandate violates their constitutional rights and should be allowed to test for coronaviruses in the city.

Unvaccinated teachers claim they will have to take leave.

At least 90% of teachers in New York City have had one COVID-19 shot, according to reports.

The high court’s decision keeps the vaccine mandate in force while the case is remanded. The requirement was approved by a lower court earlier in the week.

Justice Sotomayor oversees all emergency appeals from New York , and took her actions to deny the city’s request.

This is the second time that the high court has been involved in the vaccine debate.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett declined this year to block the requirement that students at Indiana University receive a vaccine, while their case was being heard in lower courts.

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