October 3, 2022
Six Capitol Police officers will be disciplined for their actions in the Jan. 6 Riot
A U.S. Capitol Police investigation into the conduct of officers during the Jan. 6 riot did not find any criminal behavior, but six officers were recommended for discipline for breaking rules, officials said Saturday.The agency reviewed 38 cases, in which the U.S. Attorney's Office had already found no evidence of crimes committed by officers that…

A U.S. Capitol Police probe into the conduct of Capitol Police officers during the Jan. 6, riot didn’t find any criminal behavior. Officials said that six officers were recommended for discipline because they broke rules.

The agency reviewed 38 cases, in which the U.S. Attorney’s Office had already found no evidence of crimes committed by officers that day, the Capitol Police said in a statement.

In 20 of the 38, no wrongdoing was found, and in some cases investigators could not identify officers at the center of complaints, the department said.

Disciplinary action was recommended in six cases, including for conduct unbecoming, failure to comply with directives, improper remarks and improper dissemination of information, the Capitol Police said.

The cases were partly based on complaints made by people who were present at the Capitol on January 6. The U.S. Department of Justice will receive the results.

The agency has been subject to pressure from all political sides following an attempt by former President Donald Trump’s supporters to halt the Electoral College voting count. A report by NBC News’ internal watchdog found that Capitol Police had ignored critical intelligence that right-wing protesters intended to storm the Capitol Jan. 6 in an attempt to prevent the certification of the presidential election results.

Seven Capitol Police Officers were attacked by right-wing protesters on Jan. 6, and his allies. They also sued former President Donald Trump , federal court last month, accusing them in federal court of sending a mob to the Capitol in order to stop Trump from being elected.

Four officers died by suicide on Jan. 6.

Trump cast suspicion on the officer who fatally shot rioter Ashli Babbitt as she was warned at gunpoint not to enter a hallway that was being used to evacuate members of Congress.

Lt. Michael Byrd revealed that he was the shooter . The 28-year-veteran of the department has been cleared of wrongdoing, and he said what he did that day was protecting others and doing “my job. “

Capitol Police are under high alert ahead of a scheduled Sept. 18 rally to support those arrested in connection with the riot.

Image: Dennis RomeroDennis Romero

Dennis Romero writes for NBC News and is based in Los Angeles.

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