September 30, 2022
Schiff: A proposal to check the presidential power will apply Biden, family
Rep. Adam Schiff offered assurances Thursday that his proposal to bolster Congress’ check on the executive branch will apply to presidents of both parties, when he was asked about concerns over the Biden family capitalizing on the president’s name. The California Democrat said his Protecting Our Democracy Act, which he introduced Tuesday with more than…

Rep. Adam Scheming provided assurances that his suggestion to strengthen Congress’ check on executive branch will be applied to both presidents. When he asked about concerns about the Biden family leveraging on the name of the president, ad.

The California Democrat stated that his Protecting Our Democracy Act (which he introduced Tuesday with more 200 supporters) is intended to strengthen norms flouted under former President Donald Trump.

The bill contains measures that target presidential powers, including curbing pardons and strengthening congressional subpoena authority. It also aims to strengthen oversight of payments made by a sitting president.

The latter measure raised concerns about President Biden’s potential impact on the bill. Some Republicans still believe that his family has profited from his tenure in office.

Are you concerned about the family members of the current president making money basically on Biden’s name — Hunter Biden selling art, the brothers doing businesses? Linda Feldmann, Washington bureau chief for The Christian Science Monitor, asked Mr. Schiff at Thursday’s Monitor Breakfast.

I think we apply that standard to all presidents of both parties,” Mr. Schiff stated. “If any president’s conduct is against the Constitutional prohibition on emoluments, then there must be a mechanism .”

And so this is why I say that this package reforms is really party-neutral, president neutral,” said. It’s a way to ensure good government .”

Mr. Schiff stated that the proposal on emoluments was driven by what he considered questionable business dealings for Mr. Trump.

” “One of my lingering concerns about the previous president was that he tried to build a Trump Tower at Moscow.” Mr. Schiff stated.

“From my perspective, anyone who wants the presidency of the United States must put the country first, and not their business interests,” he stated. “And if it’s not possible, they should not run for president .”

He stated he doesn’t expect to “have” to use the “protections” provided by his legislation in opposition to the Biden administration.

“But they also need to be mindful of what future Congresses might do,” he said when asked how a Republican-controlled Congress could leverage the reforms against Mr. Biden.

While Mr. Schiff’s legislation has significant support in Congress, it also has more 200 Democratic cosponsors. Republicans will likely face a difficult task.

Other than the two Republican cosponsors of the bill, the GOP has been quiet on the issue. To pass the bill, it would require at least 10 Republican vote in the Senate.

Many of the proposed measures in the legislation have been supported by Republicans in the past. However, the bill is seen primarily as a rebuke to Mr. Trump who retains tight control over GOP lawmakers.

I think the House and Senate Republican members will have to decide whether the coercion by the former President, the fear of him, is sufficient to override their old policy.

But it’s not the only problem going forward. Mr. Schiff stated Thursday that some aspects of the bill’s language are still being negotiated with the Biden administration. He stated he had worked to address the administration’s concerns over the last few months and that he anticipates concerns regardless of who is in office.

Mr. Schiff stated that there are still some issues with the White House. he could not give specifics.

” We have not been in a position to agree on all provisions of the bill. This will be a continuing work in progress,” he stated. “There were areas we felt we could accommodate, and we did. There are areas where we felt we could not.”

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