October 4, 2022
Poll: Majority of Americans Support ‘Pause’ on Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Spree
A clear majority of Americans — and nearly half of Democrats — agree with Sen. Joe Manchin III that his party is moving too fast to pass a $3.5 trillion spending bill and should take a “strategic pause,” according to a poll released Thursday. Mr. Manchin, West Virginia Democrat, put a scare into his party…

A clear majority of Americans, and almost half of Democrats, agree with Senator Joe Manchin III’s assertion that his party is moving too quickly to pass a $3.5 billion spending bill and should “strategic pausing.” According to a Thursday poll.

Mr. Manchin (West Virginia Democrat) caused a panic among his party leaders last Wednesday when he demanded that President Biden ”s spending plan be halted. He said they should stop and consider whether tax increases in the bill will worsen inflation.

His position was important because all 50 Senate Democrats are required to support the bill.

It was also popular among voters, according the poll by No Labels, a centrist Washington policy group.

The survey revealed that 60% Americans want Democrats to halt President Biden ‘s $3.5 Trillion expansion of the social security net.

While 52% of Democrats agree that the nation “needs large scale welfare spending now,” 48% favors a “strategic stop to understand the implications $3.5 trillion in spending.

More independents than 52%, preferred a pause as did 78% Republicans.

The poll also showed a divide between urban and rural areas. Only 30% of people in rural areas supported a spending spree, compared to 53% in urban areas.

The $3.5 trillion bill contains a liberal wishlist of programs that range from climate change to anti-poverty. It is the foundation of Mr. Biden ”s agenda.

The package includes, among other things, new federal benefits for tuition-free community college, subsidized childcare,12 weeks of paid family leave, and an expansion of Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing treatment.

The House proposal would also allow illegal immigrants, such as “Dreamers”, to apply for citizenship. These illegal immigrants came to America illegally as children and were raised as Americans.

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