October 3, 2022
NCIS records support Fordham University rape lawsuit, attorney claims
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has released documents of assault and rape allegations against a former U.S. Naval training student at Fordham University, according to the attorney of a former roommate suing the Catholic school for allegedly trying to cover it up. Attorney Kevin Mulhearn said Thursday he’d received the criminal investigation records as part…

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service has released documents detailing allegations of assault and sexual exploitation against a former U.S. citizen. According to the attorney for a former roommate, a Naval Training Student at Fordham University , was allegedly trying cover it up.

Attorney Kevin Mulhearn stated Thursday that he had received the criminal investigation files as part of a Freedom of Information Act Request and plans to include them in an amended complaint he will file in federal court on Monday for his client, Francis Austin .

” The NCIS report clearly shows that Fordham ‘s mantra, that the Navy had sole authority over the allegations, is a blatant lie,” Mr. Mulhearn said to The Washington Times on Thursday.

The Times asked for comment but the NCIS didn’t respond.

Fordham University did not respond to multiple inquires. However, The New York Post reported that Bob Howe, a spokesman, declined to comment on this lawsuit “citing policies against discussing student data and ongoing litigation .”

The Navy claims in its records that it does not have jurisdiction over these allegations. According to the attorney, the New York school also denied jurisdiction.

“Frank was and still is a meticulous record-keeper. We now have the documents Fordham used to launch their fraudulent cover-ups and conspiracies,” Mr. Mulhearn stated.

He claimed that the documents showed that five different Fordham student — three women, and one man — had accused the same person of sexual misconduct that began in 2011.

Although Mr. Austin and his accuser lived together as Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps students (NROTC), the attorney stated that not all the accusers were Navy Reserve officers.

In late July, Mr. Austin brought a lawsuit before the United States District Court in Southern New York. He sought unspecified damages from Fordham to recover fraud and violations of Title IX.

Mr. Austin, 30, alleges in the suit that the university never investigated his allegation that his “closeted homosexual” roommate raped him in February 2011 during their time together at the Bronx campus.

According to a cease-and-desist letter that his attorney sent to Fordham on Oct. 26, Mr. Austin and his husband have received “numerous harassing and unwanted telephone calls” from the university soliciting donations.

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