Brian Laundrie has an additional worry — John Walsh is on his tail.

The longtime host of “America’s Most Wanted” said he is joining the manhunt for the missing fiance of 22-year-old Gabby Petito.

I’m settling down to catch this dirtbag,” Mr. Walsh John Walsh hosts “In Pursuit with John Walsh Investigation Discovery, said this Week on NewsNation.

Mr. Walsh helped to find 1 ,400 escapees in his careers.

Mr. Laundrie is an official person of interest in the disappearance and recovery of Ms. Petito’s body, which was found in Wyoming’s national park. After a long cross-country trip, the couple dropped off the map.

” This is a murder,” Mr. Walsh stated to Ashleigh Banfield. “This dirtbag is out. I don’t know how he managed to escape the house, with the FBI and local police watching him every day .”

Mr. Walsh Also, Mr. Laundrie was reported missing by his parents three days after he left on Tuesday in a hiking bag.

” You know what they did. They bought their son an extra day,” Mr. Walsh stated. They bought him four extra days to give their son a headstart. This Wednesday night, I will be focusing on Brian he will be the top of the show’s ‘In Pursuit

” “At some point these parents will have to pay,” added Mr. Walsh . They’ll have to pay for being an accomplice in putting him on the .”

run. According to NewsNation Mr. Walsh helped to capture 26 fugitives during his three-seasons. He told the site that anyone who has information about Mr. Laundrie can call his anonymous tip line at 833/378-7783.

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