September 30, 2022
Joe Biden emphasizes international cooperation before meeting with UN Secretary General
President Biden on Monday hammered home the theme of his two-day trip to the United Nations by stressing the need for international cooperation ahead of his meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. “The enormity of the task already ahead for each one of us and it’s real, but the vision of the United Nations…

President Biden Monday’s two-day visit to the United Nations highlighted the importance of international cooperation in advance of his meeting Antonio Guterres .

” The enormity of each of our tasks and it’s real, yet the vision of United Nations has always been full of ambition,” Mr. Biden stated moments before the meeting.

Ambition matters,” Mr. Biden said, calling for world leaders to come together to ensure “economic prosperity, peace, and security across the globe.”

Mr. Guterres praised the president for his “strong commitment” to the United Nations and multilateralism.

The cooperation between the U.S.A and the UN is an essential pillar of its work,” he stated. “The U.S., with its strong commitments to human rights, peace and security around world, and its strong commitments to cooperation, development, and now with your leadership, a strong commitment on climate change, is a fundamental pillar in our activity,” he stated.

“And I’d like you to assure me, Mr. President that we want to strengthen that cooperation,” he stated.

Neither replied to questions from the media.

Mr. Biden‘s meeting with Mr. Guterres comes ahead of his first speech as president to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday morning.

The president will talk about how ending the 20-year war in Afghanistan has opened up a new era of “intensive diplomacy” with nations working together to solve issues such as COVID-19, climate change and infrastructure.

Mr. will also be hammering home his message of “America is back” following what he previously called the unreliable leadership his successor, Donald Trump. His foreign policy mistakes have weakened that message.

The president refused to extend the Aug. 31 deadline for leaving Afghanistan. France is angry that the U.S. cut a multi-billion dollar submarine pact with Australia.

The reaction of world leaders to Mr. Biden ”s speech could indicate whether they are ready to move on from their grievances or not.

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