October 4, 2022
High school students in New Jersey protest officials about the homecoming election
Students staged a sit-in Monday at their New Jersey high school to protest administrators’ involvement in the election of the homecoming king and queen. Passaic County Technical Institute students originally had elected two girls to be homecoming king and queen, but school officials added two kings to the ballot. This led to students electing two…

Students held a sit-in Monday in their New Jersey high school protesting administrators’ involvement with the election of the homecoming queen and king.

Passaic County Technical Institute students had originally elected two women to be their homecoming queen and king, but school officials decided to add two more kings to that list. Students elected two boys to be kings. This gave the homecoming court one queen and three Kings.

According to NorthJersey.com,

Seniors Zoe Nelson & Jyckell Peez won the election as homecoming queen and king. Officials added two additional kings to Friday’s homecoming election.

Jyckell accepted her crown. However, Zoe protested and refused to accept her crown.

“When they asked me why I was the only queen, they said, “Oh, you are special,” Jyckell explained to NorthJersey.com.

Zoe stated to ABC 7 New York she has been subject to online bullying in the past.

” It was very difficult for me,” she stated. “But when it was over, it felt almost like everything had gone away .”

Principal Antonio Garcia apologised to the students who felt “slighted” at the protest, and Zoe in particular. The school was not trying to exclude anyone, he explained to the station.

” That was not our intention,” Mr. Garcia stated. “We wanted more students to be on the ballot for the homecoming court. .”

I am sorry for this.

He promised Zoe a chance to address the school board at its next meeting.

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