June 27, 2022
Florida Gov. DeSantis sues Biden for vaccine mandate for federal contractors
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday sued the Biden administration over its vaccine mandate for federal contractors in a lawsuit alleging the president overstepped his legal authority."The federal government is exceeding [its] power and it is important for us to take a stand because in Florida we believe these are choices based on individual circumstances,"…

Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis sued the Biden administration for its mandate to vaccine federal contractors in a lawsuit claiming that the president exceeded his legal authority.

” The federal government is overstepping [its] its power. It is important that we take a stand in Florida, where these choices are made based on individual circumstances,” said the Republican governor in a statement.

The 28-page lawsuit, filed in federal court in Tampa, argues that the administration has no legal grounds to mandate such a sweeping requirement and that Biden’s rule violates procurement law.

The State is asking for an immediate injunction against the rule, which is due to take effect Dec. 8 .

DeSantis, a staunch Trump ally who’s considered a likely 2024 presidential contender, has opposed Covid-19 restrictions at the state, local and federal level. He has prohibited mask mandates and banned businesses from requiring proof of vaccination.

Biden announced the mandate for federal workers and contractors in September, when he also laid the groundwork for a rule that would require vaccinations or regular testing at businesses across the country that have at least 100 employees. Federal contractors would be prohibited from opting for testing over vaccination.

Several GOP governors threatened to sue Biden’s administration over the upcoming vaccine mandate for private sector. However, others have taken steps against the administration’s policies to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

In early April, Texas Governor. Greg Abbott issued an executive order prohibiting any entity, including private businesses, from imposing Covid-19 vaccination requirements on employees or customers.

Abbott is a Republican. He stated in his order that the vaccine mandate by the Biden administration prompted it.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should remain voluntary and never forced,” Abbott said in a statement at the time.

Both Abbott and DeSantis are facing re-election next year.

Dartunorro Clark covers politics, including the Covid-19 recovery, for NBC News.

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