October 3, 2022
First female graduate from Army’s Sniper School
In the military, they call snipers masters of “one shot, one kill.” Now a female soldier in the Montana Army National Guard has become the first woman to join the elite cadre following her graduation from the Army‘s grueling training course. The soldier, who has not been identified, was selected for the U.S. Army Sniper…

In the military, snipers are called masters of “one kill, one shot .”

After completing the Army ‘grueling training course, a woman soldier in Montana Army National Guard is now the first female to join the elite cadre.

The soldier, who has not yet been identified, was chosen for the U.S. Army Sniper Course after she completed her infantry training at Fort Benning in Ga.

” She epitomizes the ideal of an infantry soldier. We knew she would succeed in her U.S. Army sniper training. We are all very proud of her,” Capt. Joshua O’Neill was the soldier’s company commandant during basic training.

She joined the Montana Army National Guard December 2020, and started the seven-week sniper training in September. The intensive course not only teaches marksmanship skills but also teaches topics such as concealment and camouflage, stalking and detecting targets.

Capt. David Wright, battalion commander at the sniper school said that the successful female candidate had met all requirements to graduate.

“She was prepared to train and was physically conditioned to succeed,” Capt. Wright stated, “We are proud of the results of her efforts and the quality training provided by Sniper Course cadre.” Wright said, “We are proud to show our appreciation for her efforts and the high-quality training provided by the Sniper Course cadre

Maj. General J. Peter Hronek of Montana, acknowledged that the soldier’s graduation was significant for both the state’s military forces and the Army in general. He said that she had to volunteer multiple times to achieve this goal. This is a testament to her dedication and commitment to serving the country.

After completing her training, the soldier will be a fully qualified Army sniper. Officials said that this was the case.

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