August 10, 2022
Corey Lewandowski fired from Trump super PAC after sexual misconduct allegations
Corey Lewandowski has reportedly been dismissed from his position as head of former President Donald Trump’s super PAC over sexual harassment accusations. Make America Great Again Action reportedly dismissed Mr. Lewandowski on Wednesday after a Trump donor accused the former president’s longtime political adviser of unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate touching at a dinner Sunday…

Corey Lewandowski was reportedly dismissed as the head of Trump’s former super PAC following sexual harassment claims.

Make America Great Again Action dismissed Mr. Lewandowski Wednesday, after a Trump donor claimed that Lewandowski made inappropriate sexual advances at the dinner in Las Vegas and touched his breasts.

“Pam Bondi… has our full faith and confidence in takingover MAGA Action. Corey Lewandowski is moving on to new endeavors, and we are grateful for his services. He will not be associated with Trump World,” a Trump spokesperson told New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman.

Trashelle Odom was the first to report Wednesday that Mr. Lewandowski touched her legs, buttocks and “stalked” her at dinner.

” He repeatedly touched me in inappropriate ways, said vile, disgusting, and stalked, making me feel violated, afraidful,” Mrs. Odom (wife of John Odom, a construction executive from Idaho) said in a statement.

“He needs to be held responsible,” she stated.

Politico reported four people at the event who confirmed Mrs. Odom’s claims. According to Politico, three of the four claimed Mr. Lewandowski looked drunk.

Mrs. Odom stated that Mr. Lewandowski had “bragged multiplely about his power” and claimed he controlled the former president .”

David Chesnoff dismissed the claims as not worthy of response.

“Accusations are changing by the minute, and we won’t dignify them further with a response,” he stated.

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