October 4, 2022
Colorado daycare owner sentenced for keeping 26 children in her basement
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado day care owner convicted of keeping 26 children hidden in the basement of her business two years ago has been sentenced to six years in prison after parents said some of the children suffered trauma including sleeping problems and anxiety.A judge issued the sentence to Carla Faith on Thursday…

COLORADO springs, Colo. — Parents claimed that some of their children had suffered anxiety and sleeping problems as a result of being kept in the basement. A judge sentenced Carla Faith to six years in prison on Thursday after she was convicted by a jury of more than twenty-six misdemeanor child cruelty charges.

Faith had a Colorado Springs private daycare license that allowed her to care for six children. Only two children were permitted to be under 2.

But, police went to Faith’s Mountain Play Place daycare in November 2019 because they received reports that there were more children than permitted. They found 25 children living in the basement, as well as 12 kids under 2.

There was a team of two adults who were supervising the children in the basement. One of them, Valerie Fresquez accepted a plea and testified at Faith’s trial, KRDO TV reported. The 26th child found in the basement was taken by a parent, while officers were at the daycare, authorities stated.

Many children were dirty or wet and they were thirsty according to an arrest warrant. When police arrived, Faith told the officer repeatedly that there were no children in the house and that it did not have basement. However, an affidavit stated that the officer heard music from the basement and a child crying.

Another police officer found a fake wall and removed it to expose the basement staircase, according to the affidavit.

On Thursday, Faith was sentenced. Parents and relatives of the children filled the courtroom and told the judge that their children had suffered trauma from being in day care. They also cited anxiety and sleep issues. KOAA TV reported.

Parent Kim Marshall said that both of her children still receive counseling.

” We have the lights on at night in our house,” she stated. My children are anxious. They are fearful of the world.”

Faith’s lawyer, Josh Tolini, said she had difficulty saying to “no” to parents who wanted to place their children at her day care and that the situation snowballed.

She made “incredibly poor decisions” about how to handle this, Tolini stated.

Faith was convicted 26 of child abuse, trying to influence a public official and obstructing peace officers.

KRDO TV reported that Fresquez’s charges will be dropped if she takes certain steps. Day care worker Christina Swauger was convicted on the same charges as Faith. She is currently awaiting sentencing. A warrant was issued for another ex-day care worker who failed to appear in court. Howard Black, spokesperson for the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Colorado, stated that Swauger was convicted of the same charges as Faith.

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