October 3, 2022
Bomb threats are being made against Brown, Columbia and Cornell
ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) — Bomb threats at three Ivy League college campuses caused evacuations and prompted police responses on Sunday. The threats were received at Cornell, Columbia and Brown universities. In Ithaca, New York, Cornell police cordoned off the center of campus on Sunday after receiving a call that bombs were placed in four buildings.…

ITHACA (N.Y.) — Three Ivy League college campuses were evacuated after bomb threats. Police responded on Sunday.

Threats were received at Cornell and Brown universities.

On Sunday, Cornell police surrounded the campus after receiving a report that four bombs had been placed in four buildings. Columbia University police in New York City issued an emergency alert to the entire campus after receiving threats of bombs at four university buildings.

Brown University officials sent a text message to students in Providence, Rhode Island. They said that police were looking into “multiple buildings on campus” for a bomb threat .”


The threats were made two days after Yale University was threatened with a bomb attack. The normal activities at Yale University resumed Friday evening around five hours after the call.

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