October 3, 2022
Biden warns Donald Trump that he is on the California recall ballot
President Biden on Monday urged California voters to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in the state’s recall election by warning that his chief opponent will enact former President Trump’s conservative agenda in the liberal state.  Speaking at a Newsom campaign rally in Long Beach on the evening before Tuesday’s recall vote, Mr. Biden tied the governor’s…

*) (*_ President Biden urged Californians to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom warned that his chief rival will implement former President Trump’s conservative agenda.

Mr. Biden spoke at a Newsom campaign rally held in Long Beach just before Tuesday’s recall election. He said that his chief recall opponent, conservative radio host Larry Elder ,, was tied to Mr. Trump.

I’m going make it as easy as possible. “You either keep Gavin Newsom your governor, or you’ll get Donald Trump,” Mr. Biden stated. “In Gavin … there is a governor who will ensure that Donald Trump’s dark, destructive and divisive politics do not find a place in California .”

The president repeated his message that Mr. Trump would take over California if the voters remember Mr. Newsom . He warned that Republicans will oppose COVID-19 mask mandates and legislate restrictions on abortion.

“All of you know that the last year I was able to run against Donald Trump,” Mr. Biden stated. “This year, the leading Republican candidate for governor is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a Trump-clone in your state

” He’s a clone Donald Trump. Can you picture him as governor of this state. That is impossible. He said that there was too much at stake.

Mr. Biden’s theme was echoed by Mr. Newsom in a speech welcoming the president.

In his comments, Mr. Newsom aimed to invigorate his libertarian voters by ticking off a set of policies he would continue to support, if he is still serves as governor.

Pluralism is on this ballot. The ballot will include diversity. he stated that racial justice is on their ballot.

Mr. Newsom spent most of his speech comparing Mr. Elder to Mr. Donald Trump.

We may have defeated Donald Trump, but we haven’t defeated Trumpism. Trumpism remains on the California ballot. That’s why it’s so important for us all to make a statement across America saying that Trumpism does not belong here and Tumpism will not be defeated across America because we are more than that.” he stated.

Mr. Biden will be joined by a number of Democratic A-listers who are trying to support the embattled governor. This includes former President Barack Obama who placed an ad in favor of Mr. Newsom ,, and Vice President Kamala D. Harris who was present at a rally last week in San Leandro.

The attempted recall of Gov. Newsom “The attempted recall of Gov.

The support surge is due to polls showing Mr. Newsom most likely to keep his position.

The two-part recall ballot first asks voters whether they want to remove Mr. Newsom ,, and then asks them to select from a list 46 candidates to replace him.

The second part of this ballot is only relevant if the governor is recalled by a majority. This question is being voted on by Mr. Elder .

But things have changed on the more-important first question since Mr. Elder emerged as the front-runner among the alternatives, turning the race into a more-traditional Democrat-vs.-Republican contest. The Democrats hold a significant advantage in this race, as they have a 2-1 edge in registered-members in the Golden State.

A Monday Emerson College/Nexstar media survey found 60% that most likely voters are against recalling the president, while 40% support it.

The California Secretary of State reported that over 8 million people had cast ballots in the election so far. This is slightly more than a third of the 22 millions who received mailed ballots.

Recall supporters are relying on polls that show their voters are more motivated than their anti-recall counterparts.

Elder Monday said that although top Democrats have endorsed Mr. Newsom ,, they have yet to defend his record regarding issues like rising crime, homelessness and high housing costs.

“These politicians have all cut ads for him but they have never said the following magic words: Gavin Newsom has done a great job for the people in California,” stated Mr. Elder during Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

He made his final pitch Monday at appearances in Southern California alongside former Republican Lt. Governor.

Abel Maldonado and former Democratic state senator Gloria Romero were his final pitch at appearances Monday in Southern California with Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Another top Republican candidate, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said that Democrats had “tried to decredit and delegitimize the recall in every way .”

” This is a movement of the people of California, to take back control of their government, to throw out corrupt political classes that have caused California’s decline, failure for many years,” according to Mr. Kiley. “And it’s Gavin Newsom who has brought that decline into a total free-fall.”

In his final state swing, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said that the recall was “a referendum on Gavin Newsom’s failures,” while Republican businessman John Cox said the governor “and his political insiders in Sacramento have driven California into the ground.”

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