October 3, 2022
Biden calls House Democrats to get votes for $1.75T Social Safety Net Bill
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden called numerous House lawmakers on Thursday to help rally support for his legislative agenda, four sources familiar with the matter told NBC News, as Democratic leaders laid the groundwork for Friday votes on both a social safety net bill and an infrastructure package that would cap months of internal party…

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden called a number of House members on Thursday to rally support for his legislative agenda. Four sources close to the matter said that Democratic leaders prepared for Friday’s votes on a social security net bill as well as an infrastructure package, which would end months of internal party negotiations.

A source close to the Democratic leadership said that the House will vote on the two pieces Friday and that they are confident that they will complete them in one day. This would give Biden a significant legislative win at a time when poll numbers are dropping ..

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is trying to pass the $1. 75 trillion Build Back Better legislation and separately send the $550 billion Senate-passed infrastructure measure to Biden’s desk this week. Because of her narrow margins, she can’t afford to lose more Democrats than three to pass the larger bill.

Democratic leaders seemed to be making progress on gaining consensus in the caucus on Thursday. After suggesting earlier in the day that the social policy bill would fail, moderate Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, tweeted that he would vote for it.

The last remaining issues in the social security net bill, immigration, cost and deductions for state and local taxes (SALT), appeared to be resolved by Thursday evening. Two sources confirmed to NBC News that tax deductions were resolved and that both the New York State and New Jersey SALT Caucus had approved them. The new provision would increase the annual $10,000 cap on deductions to $80,000.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) said that members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were “encouraged” by Pelosi’s meeting on immigration. She also stated that she would consider “ideas” and “legislation” once Biden’s economic agenda has been passed.

Pelosi addressed concerns regarding the cost of the social security net bill in a Thursday evening letter to Democratic colleagues. She presented a new White House estimate which stated that the bill had been “fully paid for.” This was in response to an estimate of the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation estimating that the Build Back Better bill would generate $1. 47 trillion from new taxes.

The House Rules Committee on Thursday evening was expected to meet to discuss the final steps before the safety net legislation can head to the floor for a vote by all House lawmakers. The infrastructure bill has been cleared for vote.

Sahil Kapur is a national political reporter for NBC News.

Haley Talbot

Haley Talbot is an associate producer in the NBC News Washington bureau.

Monica Alba is a White House correspondent for NBC News.

Leigh Ann Caldwell is an NBC News correspondent.

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