June 28, 2022
Amy Klobuchar blames vaccine skepticism on socual media
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, said Sunday that social media companies bear responsibility for Americans’ reluctance to get COVID-19 vaccines. Ms. Klobuchar told CNN that Congress needs to stop relying on tech platforms like Facebook to govern themselves and the federal government needs to take action cracking down on tech. “The guy down the street…

Sen. Amy Klobuchar , Minnesota Democrat said Sunday that Americans’ reluctance for COVID -19 vaccinations is due to social media companies.

Ms. Klobuchar stated to CNN that Congress should stop relying solely on social media platforms like Facebook for its governance and that the federal government must take steps to crack down on tech.

“The man down the street says his mom-in-law won’t get a vaccination because she read on social media that it would insert a microchip into her arms,” stated Ms. Klobuchar CNN. “We know that most people who don’t get vaccines have read stuff on these websites .”


The Minnesota Democrat stated that new privacy legislation and updating competition policy’ (which means changing antitrust laws) are two of the solutions she considers to be helping to solve the problems she believes Facebook and other platforms cause.

“I am tired of hearing “trust us”, and it is time to protect those parents and fathers who have struggled with their children getting addicted to these platforms, and being exposed to all the bad stuff.” said Ms. Klobuchar CNN.

Facebook supports new regulatory actions. ABC spoke with Nick Clegg, a Facebook executive, on Sunday to explain that his company relies on the U.S. government for changes in how it operates.

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